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Call for Art: Untitled.jpg
June 22 - September 17, 2015

Call for Art:

“the relationship between what we see and what we know is never settled.” John Berger

Photographers don't always present straightforward images of what they see. In this exhibition we examine how the evolving techniques of photographic manipulation have allowed photographers to create alternate realities, new identities, convey messages, and tell stories.

Co-curators Meghan Maloney and Wannita Makaroon explore the ways artist manipulate the photographic medium and how people understand images in our tech savvy society. Today’s audiences are aware of a photographer’s tools, Photoshop, collage, negative sandwiching, filters and more. How does this affect the relationship between what we see and what we know?

The exhibit, Untitled.jpeg, will be shown at the Pierro Gallery in South Orange, New Jersey
April 7- May 7 2016.

Artists who use photography as an integral part their practice are invited to submit relevant materials in the following format to be considered for inclusion. There is no fee for applying, however all transportation and special installation requirements are at the artist’s expense.

1. 5 digital images or videos (original artwork will not be accepted for review)
2. An Artist Statement describing how the work relates to the theme.
3. Biography and resume/CV with a link to artist’s website
4. Image identification sheet that includes artists name, size, date, medium

All materials should be submitted in one package by Thursday, September 17, 2015 to

Meghan Maloney and Wannita Makaroon are guest curators for the Pierro Gallery in association with the M.A. Program in Museum Professions at Seton Hall University.

To learn more about the Pierro Gallery, visit the Gallery’s website at or Facebook page at

The Facebook Challenge
May 28 - June 27, 2015
Monday- Thursday 11am- 4pm

The Facebook Challenge


The Facebook Challenge Opens Thursday May 28, 7pm at the Pierro Gallery. This exhibition was inspired by the Five Day Art Challenge on Facebook in which artists nominated one another to post three works of art each day for five days. Facebook newsfeeds never looked more beautiful than during this challenge. Curated by Micha Hamilton. On view through June 27. Artists are: Francesca Azzara, Kathy Cantwell, Lisa Conrad, Barbara Klein, Vikki Michalios, Susan Napack, Christine Simoneau Hales, Joe Walentini


The Facebook Challenge is an exhibition of artworks culled from social media news feeds, specifically from Facebook and the five day challenge many artists participated in. It is both fascinating and mundane that thousands of people could look at art in this instant and seemingly arbitrary way.  In one short day Facebook news feeds changed dramatically from vacation pictures and pithy slogans to images of actual art that had been thought about and made by hand sometimes over many years’ time.  In five greedy days you could see a pretty clear representation of an artist’s oeuvre without getting out of your own comfy chair.


 Artists were asked to “nominate” their fellows to participate, meaning that what appeared in a particular news feed might not just be socially popular, but could also be a measure of regard for the practice of an artist by their peers.   The news feed exhibition was beautiful and kind of un - curated.  Artists chose their own work to represent them.  I even experimented with it—making comments and liking art so that more would appear. And there was a day when my Facebook news feed was all art all the time.


This show takes that newsfeed as a jumping off point to explore further the work of both new and familiar artists.  We’ve used social media as an introduction to art we might not have seen otherwise and then brought the work into the here and now of the gallery.  We’ve utilized the randomness of Facebook and its tributaries of connections and friends to gather works we “like” to organize as we please into a cohesive exhibition.  With this show, we do what humans do- tell stories, find patterns, and create order that pleases us.  And we do it starting with the freaky natural order of Facebook.


THE PIERRO GALLERY is located in the Baird Center, 5 Mead St., South Orange, NJ. For additional information please call the gallery directly at (973) 378.7754 Ext. 3. Gallery Hours are by appointment as well as Wednesday and Thursday, 2-7pm; Friday, 2pm-5pm and Saturdays 1-4pm.



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