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Thou Art Mom
September 18 - October 18, 2014
Thou Art Mom

Curated by Susan Evans Grove

The artists in this show were not chosen for any common themes in their work, working methods, or even common mediums. They were all chosen simply because they are mothers. Of the fifteen artists, three work in mixed media, four are sculptors, two work in graphite, two in video and related media, two are painters, one is a printmaker, and one is a photographer.

While these Art Moms are all in different stages of motherhood, each of their art practices pre-dates the kids. Azzara, Cohen, Wheeler, and Becker all have grown children. The rest are in the thick of it, with LePore and Leddy at the beginning stages of pre-schoolers and infants. Discussions of pre-birth career showed most Art Moms pre-loaded their exhibition schedule, signifying a fear of staying in the game after the birth of their children.

Each of these women has struggled in different ways at different times to pursue an art practice while tending to the needs of family. These Art Moms represent Every Woman in their diversity of support systems, resources, and demands on their time. Some work long hard hours outside the home, some are single parents, some have children with special needs, some have aging parents who need care. Any mother would tell you that these things alone are enough to exhaust you and make you resentful. Dodd refers to an art practice as a second secret family, one we often feel guilty for having neglected and one we long for when we have not visited it for a while. To non-artists the solution is clear:  stop making art. It takes time and money and has no direct benefit; why do it when there are so many other things howling for your attention? But for artists it is the thing that makes life worth living. It is as absurd to say to a burned-out mom “Stop taking care of your kids” as to say to an artist, “Stop making art.” Art Moms do both.

 This exhibition is a small sampling of the work being made by Art Moms throughout the world. It is the offshoot of the “Thou Art Mom” project which will continue to grow. For more information and the introduction of new Art Moms, visit

Thursday, September 18- Saturday, October 18



Thursday, September 18, 7-9pm

Lost in Living Screening and Panel Discussion:
Thursday Oct 2, 7pm

Exhibiting Artists:

Francesca Azzara
Alaine Becker
Thea Clark
Donna Conklin King
Nancy Cohen
Kate Dodd
Michelle Doll
Susan Evans Grove
Eileen Ferara
Megan Klim
Jennifer Krause Chapeau
Norene Leddy
Ann LePore
Sarah Wallace Petruziello
Adrienne Wheele
October 30 - November 29, 2014

In every generation, the dining table has been more than a mere surface on which to serve food. In a broader sense, the table has been a silent observer of changing ideals and beliefs.How do we eat, play, work, think, organize, gather, and converse at and around this important icon of American life? What does it mean to come to the table today? Co-curators Brittany Venturella and Annmarie Ventura explore the idea of the dining table with all its various implications, both past and present, through contemporary art.

Thursday October 30- Saturday November 29

Opening:  October 30, 7-9pm

Art Talk:
Thursday November 20, 7pm


IN-SITE: the Intersection of Art and Architecture
September 21 - October 19, 2014

IN-SITE: the Intersection of Art and Architecture
The Lennie Pierro Memorial Art Foundation with The Village of South Orange, Pierro Gallery (PGOSO) announces IN-SITE: the Intersection of Art and Architecture opening this fall. This is an outdoor sculpture exhibition in Meadowland Park and down town South Orange. It explores relationships between art and architecture including contemporary approaches toward the environment and habitat as well as re-appropriating existing architectural elements in contemporary art. The works include site-specific pieces as well as installations of existing work. Curators:  Jeanne Brasile (Director, Walsh Gallery, Seton Hall University; independent curator in the tri-state region; nationally recognized artist) and Tom McGlynn (independent curator; nationally recognized artist; writer) With oversight/participation from: LPMAF Director: Judy Wukitsch and PGOSO

September 21-October 19, 2014
Opening reception: Sunday, September 21, 2014

THE PIERRO GALLERY is located in the Baird Center, 5 Mead St., South Orange, NJ. For additional information please call the gallery directly at (973) 378.7754 Ext. 3. Gallery Hours are by appointment as well as Wednesday and Thursday, 2-7pm; Friday, 2pm-5pm and Saturdays 1-4pm.



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